JMeter Maven Plugin


The JMeter Maven Plugin allows you to run your automated JMeter tests through Maven.

Current Version: 1.10.1. See the release notes for change information.

Basic Usage

Add the plugin to your project

Add the plugin to the build section of your pom's project :


Reference JMX files

Create your JMeter tests in .jmx format and then copy the ones that you want to run to:


Run the tests

Open a terminal window, go to the base directory of your project and type:

mvn verify


All project documentation is available on the project wiki. If you are just staring out you will probably want to have a look at the basic configuration section, if you have been using the plugin for a while you will probably be more interested in the advanced configuration section.


Users Group

A place to discuss usage of the maven-jmeter-plugin, let people know how you use it here.

Developers Group

A place to discuss the development of the maven-jmeter-plugin, or ask about features you would like to see added.

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